Create in Three Simple Steps

  1. Choose a photo of your lovely dog or cat (or any pet) from your camera roll or your computer and upload with your order. Need help snapping the perfect pic? Review all of our Image Guidelines here.
  2. Customize your pet art. 
    Choose from three artwork sizes, two frame options, four background colors, and add your pet’s adorable name to be printed in above the artwork.
  3. Custom illustration & shipping. 
    Sit tight while our digital illustrators create your pet art masterpiece.

What makes a good photo?

1.) Well lit, natural lighting.  Photo should have minimal to no filter on it to ensure we capture the correct coloring of your pet.
2.) Close up, head on and showing neck. This will allow us to get a good crop of your pet’s face.
3.) Avoid overhead, blurry or overly filtered photos. These photos may result in a misrepresentation of your pet’s coloring.

Choosing the right photo is important! Review all of our Image Guidelines here.

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🐾 Follow PAWPRINTSY on socials 🐾